From 27 February to 31 March 2023

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  • Workshop parquet finishing (theory/practice)
  • Work with all finishing machines
  • Including lunch and dinner
  • Tour and overnight stay in the lovely city Dokkum

Trivec invites you to an extensive workshop day!


As an alternative to fairs, Trivec chooses to give personal attention in our test centre. Focus will be on all aspects surrounding parquet finishing, theory & practice, tips & tricks and getting hand-on experience with various machines.

Make your Experience Day booking now. With your team, your paint supplier (optional) and the team of Trivec you can experience working with your workpieces on our machines. All the techniques listed below will be covered during the workshop. Parquet techniques covered during your workshop

Parquet techniques covered during your workshop

Trivec parquet finishing techniques



Roller coating

Cross cutting





Trivec test centre

Your Experience Day takes place in Trivec’s own test center. In our test center we develop and test solutions, working methods and machines together with our clients and paint suppliers. Listening, thinking along, testing and asking questions to get to the best solutions possible. Outside of this workshop the Trivec test centre is available for you for the development and testing of specific solutions.

Experience Dokkum

A good lunch will be served during your workshop day at Trivec. As in the end the work is done, the Experience continues in the nearby city of Dokkum. We’ll take you on a tour through this lovely city and we end the day with a delicious dinner. An overnight stay in hotel can be included in your Trivec Experience.

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